Yesterday I went to the Janesville Guild of Knitters Knit-in up in Milton, Wisconsin. I took two classes, both of which were great. The first was Two Color Brioche Knitting in the Round class by Elizabeth Prose. What a fun technique – pretty simple and lovely. I can’t see wanting to make a sweater using brioche knitting – mostly because I’m not sure I’d like to see that much of it – but it’s great for hats. Elizabeth shared several samples that she had made. My favorite one was a reversible cabled brioche scarf that was gorgeous. Hers was knit in a rust color. Beautiful. We worked on a neck warmer:

The other class I took was a Latvian Wristers class with Beth Brown-Reinsel. Now “wristers” aren’t exactly an age-old garment, but she designed the project to be something one could make during a three hour class. I have done some color work, so quite a few of the skills that were covered in the class were familiar to me, but there were a couple new, fun things. I loved the herring bone braids. Pretty.
Beth brought many samples with her. This is a pig that she didn’t make, but had it as a sample. I think I’m in love. Isn’t he cute? And surprisingly dense – no, no, I’m not doubting the intelligence of our porcine friends, it feels like it was stuffed with hay or something. The sad thing is that Beth didn’t have a pattern for it. Frown.
One of the greatest bits about the Janesville Knit-in is the door prizes. I’m not quite sure if everyone gets a door prize or just those who registered for classes, but I got Charmed Knits. I love the pattern for Mrs. Weasley’s Bag of Stitch Witchery. Thank you, Anonymous Donor! And I expect gold stars: despite the 11 vendors selling gorgeous yarns, baskets, soap, etc., I didn’t buy anything! That was so hard. There were so many beautiful yarns, but I have a huge stash that I’d really like to decrease. A nice day.
And remember that sock that I said needed ripping? Well…
I hope to have it recast on and worked a bit before knitting group on Wednesday.
I guess that’s it. Have a nice week.

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